Leonardo Taquece

Product Designer

UX/UI Ninja

Jack of all trades

Allumbra: card game adaptation to mobile devices

  • Working for: Boardible
  • Date: 02/05/2023
  • Client: Cordilheira Games
  • Categories: Mobile, TV

As both a designer and a gamer, seeing the screens of a game go from scratch to my cell phone is an experience I will cherish forever. When I was at Boardible, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the Allumbra game (Cordilheira Games). I was responsible for breaking down the game into its core components and bringing it to life for a mobile environment, benchmarking common patterns from other games, and planning the entire game flow.

This was only possible thanks to the sensational team I worked with: Roselyne Araujo as UI designer responsible for the high-fidelity final screens, Leonardo Villar for the animations, and the developers Pedro Iaki and Wagner Silva Costa in implementation.